Trillion , Kabillion , Jillion

It’s like learning that 1 trillion seconds
equals 38,688 years, while the average
human life spans 2.4 billion seconds —
among analogies compiled by the Heritage
Foundation to help explain the gravity of
the national debt. Well, here’s another
one, this inspired by the Mega Millions
jackpot, a mere $6560 million.
“The largest jackpot ever would be spent
by the federal government in 80 minutes,”
reads a caption by Indianapolis Star
editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel in his
newest offering.
“To see how fast the federal government is
spending money, divide the budget for
2011 by 8,760 hours in a year you get over
$400 million per hour,” Mr. Varvel
explains. “If you spent $1 million every
day since the time Christ was born until
now, you will have spent approximately $
735 billion. Think about that. $1 million
every day for 2012 years and you still will
not have spent $1 trillion. And we’re $
15.5 trillion in debt. Where will it

Posted by John Galt