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“Welcome to the Blog for our new website , . Our site was created with the intention of providing a public forum for the average citizen to show the world what they have witnessed first hand . We request that you submit your own videos , whether they be news events , sports , town hall meetings , politicians condescending to their constituents , celebrities acting boorishly or any other topic that may end up flushed down the memory hole if left to the arbitration of the fourth estate .
All that we require is that you own the video and that you inform us as to the date and location that the video was recorded . For the time being , we are using as a marshaling area for prospective videos . Just upload your video to youtube and send the link to us at . We will take care of the rest . Eventually we will have our own servers and software to handle submissions but in these initial phases we , like everyone else these days , sees the need to be very budget conscious .

Even if you have nothing to submit please visit us , like us on FB , visit us some more and be sure and tell your friends . You never know who has a video that might bring a bit of much needed sunshine and help to illuminate some of the darker sides of what is going on in our world today .

We aim to bring citizen journalism to the fore and in the process show the establishment media that we are sick of the spin , bias , double standards , and water carrying that they portray as the “truth” at the behest of their masters in DC , Wall Street , academia and Hollywood . As someone wiser than us once said ” sunlight is the best disinfectant ” .

Regardless of your political persuasion , we’re sure that no one can argue against the benefits of a government that is honest , manageable , accountable and most of all AFFORDABLE . We owe it to our children to leave them something other than debt .
We hope that we may count on your forbearance towards our less than totally polished intial appearance . We expect to get better at this as we go along and look forward to offering an ever changing site that you will come to require in order to feel fully informed . We are attempting to open for business prior to the completion of construction because we feel that we just cannot afford to lose even a single day to idleness in our quest to bring government , media , lobbyists , union management and crony corporatists to account for the mess they have mired us all in .

In closing , I invite you all to help us get this important venture off the ground . This you can do in a number of ways including ; visit us often , even when the content is limited , hits matter . Every visit boosts our visibility web-wide . Shop Amazon through the link at our site . By doing so you help to bolster the coffers of our site at no additional cost to yourself . Tell your friends . This can’t be emphasized enough . Link us , speak of us , help us grow . Submit your eyewitness videos …natch . Finally, in an effort to create a successful , satisfying , instructive and worthwhile antidote to the “Old Media” pabulum currently on display , we invite you our audience/partners , to email us your ideas and suggestions for the improvement of this site at . Thank you and welcome to a ” Brave New World ” .”