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Monthly jobless claims forecast off by 16,000 , while home purchases fell ( unexpectedly ) by 2.6 % . Cheery news all around , but somehow it must be Bush’s fault . 


Now you see why I’m focused on our furry canine friends .

Bully for Scott Walker

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The federal government has warned Wisconsin officials the state’s unemployment rate has improved enough to end extended jobless benefits.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate had been high enough to qualify jobless people in the state for 13 extra weeks of federal unemployment benefits. But the state’s three-month average improved to 7 percent in February, making the state ineligible for the extra money.

State Department of Workforce Development officials say the federal government notified them in mid-March the last payable week for the extra benefits would end Saturday, April 7. After that day, the maximum number of weeks a person can claim unemployment benefits will be 73 weeks.

Agency officials say 7,761 people are collecting benefits under the extension. They say all the recipients were notified last month the program would end.

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More misleading “facts” from the experts in DC .
Might as well acknowledge the fact that EVERYTHING from this administration is about “the one’s” re-election and not about truth .

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