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Known by the company we keep.


Have we reached the endgame in the never-ending pursuit of political correctness ? Read it and weep . As a father whose oldest child will be entering the higher education establishment in September I fear for the lessons the university system will strive to impart to her . The whole concept of ” innocent until proven guilty ” is being stood on it’s head .

Of course this is all of a piece with the Left’s efforts to mire us all in the same muck . Whereas the operative idea behind my libertarian/conservative/free market beliefs is ” a rising tide lifts all boats ” , the Left’s version elevates no one ( ‘cepting a certain governing elite ) it’s method of equality is to seek the lowest common denominator . “RIGHTS” …. a word that like racism and hero ,  has just about had any semblance of meaning sapped out of it by  misuse .

What lesson will my daughter take away from her higher education when she seemingly has to relinquish her rights as an adult in order to be able to fit into the cloistered worldview of the ” ivory tower set ” ? Fear for our children’s future …. yes fear for it , but get up off your a.s and fight for it . Fear is one of our strongest motivators . Let us use it to our advantage .



“… the key word in Yale’s undermining of student rights is “worry.” Yale extends the concept of sexual assault to cover any “worry” on the part of a complaining student. If you fret, you’ve been victimized. Accordingly, facts don’t count for much. The accused is not allowed to be heard and the accuser, who essentially runs the hearing, must be satisfied with the result.”


Duh !

Thanks Peggy . It only took you three years . And the conservative elites wonder why we have as much disdain for them as we do for the liberal elites . Duh!