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THE NEW YORK SUN: Ex Parte Obama.Liar in Chief
It’s been a long time since we’ve heard
a presidential demarche as
outrageous as President Obama’s
warning to the Supreme Court not to
overturn Obamacare. The president
made the remarks at a press
conference with the leaders of Mexico
and Canada. It was an attack on the
court’s standing and even its integrity
in a backhanded way that is typically
Obamanian. For starters the president
expressed confidence that the Court
would “not take what would be an
unprecedented, extraordinary step of
overturning a law that was passed by
a strong majority of a democratically
elected Congress.” . . .
It is outrageous enough that the
president’s protest was inaccurate.
What in the world is he talking about
when he asserts the law was passed by
“a strong majority of a democratically
elected Congress”? The Patient
Protection and Affordable Health Care
Act barely squeaked through the
Congress. In the Senate it escaped a
filibuster by but a hair. The vote was
so tight in the house — 219 to 212 —
that the leadership went through
byzantine maneuvers to get the
measure to the president’s desk. No
Republicans voted for it when it came
up in the House, and the drive to
repeal the measure began the day
after Mr. Obama signed the measure.
It is the aspersions the President cast
on the Supreme Court, though, that
take the cake. We speak of the libel
about the court being an “unelected
group of people” who might
“somehow overturn a duly constituted
and passed law.” This libel was dealt
with more than two centuries ago in
the newspaper column known as 78
Federalist and written by Alexander
Obama must be expecting to lose. Because
if he wins, this kind of threat will simply
allow people on the right to argue that the
Supreme Court’s decision was the result of
intimidation, and deserves no deference by
a new Supreme Court. And how will
Obama’s feminist supporters feel, given
that those all-important abortion and
birth-control decisions also came from an
“unelected” Supreme Court?
And if I were a Republican member of
Congress I’d immediately introduce a
proposed Constitutional amendment to
elect all future Supreme Court justices in a
national vote, with no input from the
President. Just for fun . . . .
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Pardon me Professor , but this needed to be posted in full . Thank you .

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What passes for “grassroots” in the progressive view of things . Feh… A pox on them all .

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   “Obamacare was going to be such a big hit that even the bitter clingers would have to put down their guns and their Bibles long enough to thank the Democrats for this wonderful new benefaction.”   WRM                                http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/2012/03/29/the-health-care-disaster-and-the-miseries-of-blue/ 

As I’ve said before “you gotta love this New Media ” . Finally,  the playing field is being leveled.  God bless Al Gore as his invention …. LOL

If Supreme Court Dumps ObamaCare, Republicans Must Be Ready – Investors.com http://news.investors.com/article/606118/201203291839/republican-must-offer-health-reform-ideas.htm
Given the milquetoast,  bend over backward to accommodate attitude of what passes for our Republican leadership in congress will they actually accomplish anything? Past history is not in our favor. 
  Its beyond time for the right side of the aisle to be represented by some people who exhibit some cojones.  Something that has been missing for a long time.  The dems fight for their beliefs,  however wrong-headed they may be.  Would that we could say the same for our side.  I say no more BENDING OVER and taking it in the name of bipartisanship.