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The Tinpot Dictator of DC .

“His comments about
the Supreme Court, when combined
with his astonishingly dishonest attack
on the House GOP budget ( see here for
more), portray a president who is living
in a fantasy world — a place where
facts and history are inverted, lies
become truth, where everything is
subordinated to ambition and you
simply make things up as you go along.
Nietzsche referred to this mindset as
the “will to power.” In American politics
it’s known as The Chicago Way.”
Peter Wehner

I have a feeling this is just the beginning . The narcissm and arrogance of the man allow no dissent , nor do they facilitate the practice of hiring and ( here is the key ) listening to experts than actually know how to get things done .
The ” I know better ” condescending attitude that pervades the left in general has found it’s favorite son in Obama .
Having ridden the affirmative action/pc/liberal guilt wagon all the way to the top of the gravy train he’s never been challenged  , never had to demonstrate any tangible competency and basically never been told ” you’re wrong ” .
Spending your life surrounded by guilt wracked , sycophantic , toadying white liberals  might well distort anyone’s world view and give one a somewhat inflated sense of self worth . Odds are that all of you know such people . Obama is just so …. in extremis .

Posted by John Galt