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The portrayal of Paul Ryan’s budget proposal as some sort of ” social darwinism ” is just one more example of this administration’s endless line of bulls..t .  It is impossible to believe that Obama ( and the dems in general ) have any intention of seriously addressing  the fiscal mess that they have created .

It’s bad enough when one chooses to not be part of the solution , but to obstruct , demonize and mischaracterize the attempts to offer real solutions by serious people is beyond the pale . One is left to assume that Obama’s refusal to face the reality of the situation stems not from ignorance ( Lord knows , he’s ” the smartest man in the room ” he told us so himself ) but from a conscious desire to bring the country to it’s knees , thus allowing the government to ride to the rescue .

In the beginning there was much debate regarding whether his actions were taken from ignorance or malice  and as much as I dislike the man , i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt . However , at this stage of the game it is increasingly difficult to believe that he does anything other than stick to the Alinsky playbook .

The audacity  of this administration would make even Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl wilt in admiration .

This plays hand in hand with a previous post regarding the complete lack of respect for authority being engendered today due to the “peasantry” being fed nothing but a tissue of lies from every allegedly ” authoritative ” source .

Posted by John Galt